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Winter is Here!

Due to lower temperatures and higher energy costs, homeowners are expected to pay more to heat their homes this year. Did you know that choosing the right window treatment is an easy way to help conserve energy and reduce utility bills?


$75 Custom 2" or 2 1/2" Norman CORDLESS Blinds with SmartPrivacy

FREE Standard Measure & Installation

*Price varies with size. $75 is for standard size 32" x 60". All other sizes available.

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Free in-home design consultations

We bring the store to you, so you can view sample products in your own lighting and décor. An expert will discuss options with you, measure your window openings, and provide a free estimate.

Our Products - Blinds

We specialize in a variety of quality Blinds, each with a different style and function.  We offer distinct colors, textures, and louver sizes to custom create the look you want.  You can also choose the Blind material, including wood, to add richness and charm, faux wood, for rooms needing resistance to moisture and warping, like kitchens and bathrooms, and classic aluminum.

Unlike products purchased at home warehouse stores, our Blinds are custom fitted and professionally installed for the perfect fit and look.  Our Blinds complement the beauty of your windows, not just cover them.

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